The Wild Gorge

Cheile Turenilor/ Túri hasadék is a relatively small formation, long but not very high, at least comparing with the major gorges/ canyons of the Carpathians and the Central Transylvanian Mountains. It is still impressive regarding the wild scenery, with good potential for nature photography and videography.

We have here a deep valley cut by erosion in the limestone deposits. Total length is about 1.85 kilometers, the steep slopes and cliffs are getting to 100-150 meters above the level of the stream. Various cliffs, steep slopes, stone walls have their own names.

At the lower end of the gorge there are some grey-green volcanic rocks. On top of them, there is the massive limestone from the Upper Jurassic; it has fossils of ammonites and belemnites – a kind of Jurassic Park encrypted in stones. It is a memory from the rich wildlife of seawaters, where these limestone sediments were formed.

It will be nice to have a closer look at the massive cliffs, cave entrances, arcades, various aspects of a karst landscape. There are 29 caves discovered till now, most of them being impossible to be seen without proper training and equipment. All of them are rather short, the longest is only 64 meters. There were discovered more then 50 ancient fire places, used by people living here in the middle of the Stone Age, about 9,000 years ago.

The place has the potential for a great eco adventure, giving chances for new experiences, fresh feelings, lessons to be learnt. The water running through the gorge is collected by a stream passing several villages, so it has some issues. But there are also some nice waterfalls, even if they are not huge ones. Along the stream the vegetation is luxuriant, jungle-like in some places. Even to go through the canyon it has some risks and complications. The footpath along the stream has many sectors with via ferrata, where you are climbing on the stones, above the water. Access is difficult in many places. Better to not push the limits, remaining safe, but having a look on the amazing aspects, easy to be admired without to much stress.

In the next 5 years we hope to get some dozens of visits in this place. The scope is to get closer to the hidden treasures of natural beauty, mysterious caves and delicate plants – to have some impressions on insects and bats, frogs and snails – to better understand biodiversity. Each visit will give new opportunities for time-lapse, drone footage, species to be presented in a reasonable style.

To have a relevant video, rising the level of accuracy and details, showing the colors and the beauty of the area… there is a need to visit the place in each season several times. To create the footage on some rare plant species, lizards, birds, to feel the beauty of the wild landscapes – to record some interviews with experts in botany, geology, ornithology. The idea is great, we need to see what can we do in practice.

Now we are in the stage of developing a vision for the big video – a strategic approach to the whole process, in order to get a chance to make it.

The first step to feel the place, to start to understand it, can be a nice drone flight clarifying the main features, the general characteristics, an aerial experience without risking to go to the dangerous spots in person. On a drone footage we can observe the main geomorphological and landscape aspects, also the main habitats/ ecosystems. We understand the proportions of rocky habitats, grasslands, forests, shrubs and streams. In a relatively short time you can scan the realities, understanding dimensions, patterns, finding spots where you can continue next time.

Having a person in the picture can help us feel the dimensions of formations, the grandeur of the area.

Of course, there are hundreds of other flight trajectories, able to bring us in a majestic and unknown world, with lights, colors, fogs and feelings to be experienced over time. Not to mention the potential for macro images, time-lapses, and others. Here is a place to go. 

Focusing on values and adjusting the plans with ad-hoc decisions. The excitement of not exactly knowing what we will see there, forcing a bit of authentic discovery. A journey of adventures returning to the basics, touching a tree, a stone, having a walk along the cliffs in the evening. An opportunity for solitude, some transformational experiences to discover not only the places but to find a way back to happiness. An experiential approach to promote nature conservation, understanding ecology based on field experiences, – face to face with the butterflies and buzzards. To feel the personality of the places, celebrating mornings with the birdsongs, winds and the aromas of grasslands. 

We are going there not just for fun and peace, but to learn, to create and to make a difference. Establishing some new connections, kind of good vibes, resonating with the natural beauty, also harsh wild romantic places. Watching, observing, recording the images and sounds. Being not a tourist or a photographer, but a kind of real naturalist, trying to discover the big and the small, the evident and the hidden realities of our world. Finding the motivation to do it, to make the walk, to take the photos, to do them nice, to be satisfied in the meantime – putting in it the dedication and passion. An intellectual journey starting from small, to find out some more about the system. To know interesting stories, places and species.

The style is to push the limits mostly on creating valuable footage, from the places which are not exposing the human beings to the dangers of the edges. To capture the feelings of staying there on the cliffs or in the valley, to detox from all the problems we do have too many. It results in reconnecting with the beauty of nature, with the childish joy of discovering the world. There can be an optimal level of information, with high technical and artistic value, with scientific accuracy. To combine it with some storytelling. Slowly but steadily developing the project, to be an inspiration for many other humans. This is what we do hope. We are very far from here, now. Maybe in 5 years? Who knows?

© dr. Peter Lengyel

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3 răspunsuri la The Wild Gorge

  1. Cociuba Ioan, din Cluj zice:

    Daca ma anunti din vreme, e posibl sa gasesc timp sa te insotesc in Cheile Turului in calitate de geolog, cu informatii interesante din acet domeniu.


  2. Doru Ruști via FB zice:

    imagini ca astea mă duc cu gându’ la dimensiunea fractală a naturii: peisaju’ din film se regăsește la scară micșorată într-un bolovan pe care cresc mușchi și licheni printre care mișună felurite animăluțe, sau într-un bolovan din pârâu, cu bioderma sa stratificată și fauna aferentă; la celălat capăt al scalei ne putem gândi la întreaga planetă ca fiind un bolovan acoperit cu biodermă…


  3. Antal Éva via FB zice:

    Gyönyörű,köszönöm,hogy láthattam!


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