A chance to visit the Danube Delta – before and after the Ramsar CoP 2012

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A chance to visit the Danube Delta – before and after the Ramsar CoP 2012

Danube Delta Wildlife Tour and cruise on board a floating hotel


Dear Colleagues,


You have the chance to visit the best places of the Danube Delta, the best European Wetland. We are organizing these tours before and after the Ramsar CoP in Romania.


Book this tour if you are interested in discovering the secrets of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, the largest wetland of Europe, the largest reedbed in the World, home of the largest colony of White Pelicans outside Africa and one of the most divers place on the Planet. During this tour you will be able to explore endless waterways and lakes packed with wildlife. You will experience the life on board a floating hotel that travels with you wherever you go. During these journeys we will be able to observe the birds from the upper deck of the floating hotel that offers a stunning panoramic view over the vast reed beds of the Danube Delta. Wake up in a different place every morning surrounded by nature and explore the shallow waters with small motor boats. Find the detailed itinerary and booking conditions below.

In brief:Available dates:

          29th of June – 05th of July 2012

          14th of July – 20th of July 2012.

We made this tour available during two periods – before and after the conference. Please specify your date of choice when booking.
Tour price: 795 EURO/ person/ tour (Price is based on double room occupancy – single room supplement will add 120 EUR to the total cost)
Seven days (six nights) with full board full service including transfer from an to Bucharest.
The tour will be organised by Ibis Tours – www.ibis-tours.ro who specialises in wildlife holidays in Romania and will be guided by an expert guide.


Day 1. The group will be picked up in Bucharest and transferred to Tulcea where they will board the Floating Hotel. Dinner will be served on board while the floating hotel remains moored in Tulcea harbour for the night.


Day 2. We start our journey in the Danube Delta towards Sfantu Gheorghe on board of our floating hotel that will be tugged down the Sfantu Gheorghe arm. After a journey of about 100 kilometres and 7 hours of navigation we will arrive in Sfantu Gheorghe village where we will take a boat tour to the shore of the Black Sea, where the Danube finishes its journey. The group will be given the option to walk to the village following the wild beech and the salty step of the Black Sea. After we visit the village we will board the floating hotel again for dinner. During the night the boat will be moored near the village.


Day 3. Early in the morning we will board our exploring boat and travel to the lagoon of  Sahalin Peninsula for the observation of birds and other wildlife we might encounter. Sachalin is considered one of the most important spots for bird migration and breeding in the Danube Delta. Most of the time flocks of White and Dalmatian Pelicans are fishing the waters of this lagoon and sometimes come very close to the boat. After spending some time watching the lagoon wildlife, we will head back to the floating hotel where we will have lunch. After lunch we will start our journey on board our floating hotel towards the middle of the delta. We will travel on Sulina arm and reach the Old Danube where we will more the boat for the night in a special remote place.


Day 4. After breakfast we embark again our exploring boat and transfer to Letea following the Chanel of Magearu. After a journey of about two hours we will arrive in Letea Village where we will have a walk. Letea is the most beautiful village in the Danube Delta because it has barely been touched by time and changes the modern world suffered in the past few decades. In the centre of the village we will be picked up by horse carriages that will take us to the famous forest of Letea. After a 45 minute drive we will arrive in the central part of this magnificent place where patches of forest grow between sand dunes. We will have the chance to visit both the forest and the sand dunes and understand the mysteries of this place. At mid day we will have our packed lunch in the forest than head back to the boat. We will return to the floating hotel and start our journey up the Danube (Sulina arm) towards Mila 23 village. In the evening we will arrive near the village and more on Chanel Eracle.


Day 5. In the morning we will take a tour with the boat exploring the lakes Trei Iezere and Matita. In this area we will be close to the largest breeding colony of White Pelicans in Europe so it is possible to encounter large flocks of fishing in the lakes. In the afternoon we will travel again on board of our floating hotel until we reach our final destination for the day – Lake Furtuna. The boat will be moored for the night at the edge of the lake.


Day 6. After a short trip to the lake of Crulic and visiting lake Baclanesti, we will start our journey back to Tulcea harbour. In the late afternoon we will arrive in Tulcea where we will moor for the night.


Day 7. The group will be transferred to Bucharest by buss where our services will end.


This is an outlined itinerary that can be changed in case of low water levels or adverse weather conditions. In any case we will try to give you the chance to experience the best this place has to offer, so at the end you will be able to say „I’ve seen the Danube Delta”.


Available dates:

          29th of June – 05th of July 2012

          14th of July – 20th of July 2012.

The price for this tour will be 795 EURO/ person/ tour (Price is based on double room occupancy – single room supplement will add 120 EUR to the total cost) and it includes:


-Transfer by bus from Bucharest and back
-Accommodation with full board in the Danube Delta – on four stars floating hotel
-Transport on water with exploring boat

-Local taxes and permits

-English speaking guide

-Mineral water and welcome drinks


The price does not include soft and alcoholic drinks or personal expenses. Drinks can be purchased from the bar where local and foreign currencies are accepted.


Tips for the crew are not included but tipping is a practice on cruise boats.


The cabins on board our floating hotel are small but comfortable and each room has private shower and toilet. Air conditioning is also a standard on all our boats. For this tour we have 20 double rooms available on two floating hotels. The bookings will be taken on the first come, first served basis. For the confirmation of your reservation you will be requested to pay a 30% advanced payment.


For more details and booking please contact IBIS TOURS. Send an email to

ibistours@gmail.comwith the title Booking RAMSAR – Danube Delta and specify the following:

– The period you would like to book (chose between the two)

          29th of June – 05th of July 2012

          14th of July – 20th of July 2012.

– Single or double room

– Your gender and age so we can find you a matching partner if you opt for a place in a double room.

– Date and time of your arrival in Bucharest

– Culinary problems if any




Tel: 0040240512787

Mobile: 0040722381398 – Daniel Petrescu



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