The Current Crisis and the Environmental Awareness

The European Union was claiming till recently to be a model of sustainable development and healthy economy, administrative performance and excellence of all kinds … is now cursed from various directions and European confidence in the ability to solve problems even in Europe … is obviously diminished.

Like any entity in crisis, as a being in hypothermia, economic and political Europe ensures that resources are secured for its vital areas, namely in those areas of economic and political power with the capacity to make decisions on behalf of all but de facto especially in their own interest. Thus, peripheral, marginal areas, are left to cope if they can… and even they are called to help to stabilize the European Core area. Sacrifices endured by the people on the periphery (geographical / political / social) do not need to be explained here. States struggling to get membership of the Union are now facing the unpleasant surprise of understanding their peripheral position and the situation somewhat incredible that they should help the rich areas… instead of getting help to be integrated into the EU, to become part of a community with similarities not only regarding obligations and prices but also regarding and incomes, living standards and ultimately the safety of human life.

The current context is favorable for people to realize that those political construction that seemed stable and seemed to have a very serious administrative capacity, financial, political, economic power… in fact are more vulnerable and incapable, indebted and alleyways, more pathetic than generally supposed. It follows the idea that you cannot expect those entities confused and volatile, at a big distance, to get involved in any way in solving specific problems existing in the communities we are part… Of course, they will be interested to secure their interests, their business and their functionality, regardless of „collateral damage”, the repercussions of their decisions.

However, such a crisis is producing the opportunity to change dysfunctional patterns… forces change… for those who want to survive. It may sound quite strange that during the current global economy… you can rely more concrete on wood produced in the forest on the hill… than the gas that comes on a pipeline which has valves under the control of ‘others’ … to establish conditions and price… and anytime you can have a dramatic surprise in the bitter cold time of year. It is also safer the food source represented by beans, potatoes and corn in the villages of the valley, safer the cheese from local shepherds, also apples, plums, pears from the orchard… not to mention that they have not even those countless additives to give deceptively good taste and attractive color when in fact they are some catastrophic mixtures of all miseries.


It may come the time when it will be reconsidered the regional food security, and not left to the mercy of transnational corporations do not give a damn holes on „consumers” health, people they will not ever see… or the cost paid by them… In the same context, to leave such really vital decisions in the hands of „European bureaucrats” under strong lobby of the various interest groups … or even „implanted in the system” by them … shows a lack of rationality. And stupidity is charged.

If people were rational beings, they would understand how dependent we are on the living landscape… to ensure satisfaction of the most basic human needs: food, warmth, clean water and so on. From this point of view, a Maramures village, or one of the Apuseni Mountains or in the Danube Delta is a better example of true sustainability than any story of „experts” who create fairy tales about „sustainable development based on continual growth of the economy and population.” It will come a time when humans will realize that he/she as an individual is dependent on a functional community and the existence of this community depends on the stability and health of a living landscape… so our survival depends on „green infrastructure” more than on anything else… and this dependence is indefinitely in time, till exists people who are our descendants. It is possible for a deepening crisis to force change… that is to help develop environmental awareness… on which it will be dependent the survival of smaller or larger human communities… in accordance with the resources actually available … resources that will be protected and defended.


dr. Peter Lengyel

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Un răspuns la The Current Crisis and the Environmental Awareness

  1. Jon zice:

    Yep… We’ll get educated, all right… after only 10% or so will survive, and the local community will become more important than the State. It seems more and more likely that this radical change will start during our lifetime, and we’ll get to witness the downfall of the „expert” bureaucrats – in Gov’t, in banking, everywhere… May we live in interesting times!


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